In 1984, Ditmas Park was a “desert” in the gourmet “dessert” bread, cake and gift basket market. The existing access was Zabar’s, Citarella and Balducci’s in Manhattan. Harriet Semegram said we need something in Brooklyn! So, Le Garage was born. Harriet baked and distributed flyers about the breads, muffins and cakes that could be purchased from Le Garage.

Brooklyn excitement and popularity grew and the need for a larger space became necessary. New space was available in what is now known as the Dunkin Donut shop on Cortelyou Road. Again, more excitement and greater demand for a variety of the finest prize winning food items which resulted in a greatly expanded business and new quarters. Cakes, baguettes, authentic French croissants and gourmet foods were now local and shipped nationally as the client list grew. In addition to private clients, event planners, Screen Actors Guild, Associated Actors & Artistes, Actors Equity Association and Carnegie Hall became clients. Harriet retired from the business in 2005, but, has been called back by popular demand.

Who is Wonderwomen? Answer: Your neighbor Harriet Semegram Barry!

Gift baskets from Wonderwomen not only contain the baked goods, but have prize winning Sarabeth preserves, Illy Cafe, pate, muffins, sweet breads and a large variety of gourmet foods. Wonderwomen is proud that the products have been profiled in a variety of publications, notably The New York Times and Gourmet Magazine.

Wonderwomen uses only the finest all natural ingredients. We use no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

“Feed Me From the Hearth of Wonderwomen.”

Baked goods & gift baskets for special occasions, holidays, weddings or just out of love.

Call Harriet at: 646-456-3266

485 Rugby Road • Brooklyn, NY 11226